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In times of uncertainty,
your reputation is your strongeststrongest asset.asset.

We are your reputation warriors.

We have comprehensive solutions to help you protect, build and maintain reputation.

Our inspirational dream

We want to rewrite the primary purpose of businesses by championing the building and protection of reputations.

What we do

Our solutions are holistic and we champion reputation building, management and protection in the following ways –

76 $
  • Reputation
  • Building
    • Measurement of reputation potential
    • Mapping target audience
    • Strategy, messaging & media training
    • Monitoring & measurement
    • Online Management
83 $
  • Reputation
  • Management
    • Reputation measurement
    • Stakeholder mapping
    • Messaging
    • Reputation monitoring
    • Online management
42 $
  • Reputation
  • Protection
    • Damage assessment
    • Stakeholder engagement
    • Damage control strategy
    • Revival & messaging
    • Online reputation repair

Key client work

Critical differentiators

Senior consulting staff
Partnerships with global/regional firms
Result-oriented approach and clear value addition
Multi-market advisory capability

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Our People

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testimonials quote pattern

Pitchfork let me spread my wings. From being all over the place at the start of my career to being involved in functions such as client servicing, pitching, making work fun with ‘Humans Of Pitchfork’ and others, I discovered something about myself every day.

Sneha Shahu

At Pitchfork, I was taught to step out as a warrior with versatility and creativity, focusing on bespoke strategies for clients. By the end of the year, this newbie was presenting pitch decks. Fuelled by upma, dosa and the meme culture, this Delhiite is loving it here!

Pavitra Amrit

I joined Pitchfork two years ago as an intern, finding myself around people who were incredibly encouraging. That led to a full-time job, first servicing a GEC and then moving to corporate BFSI. My journey wouldn’t have been possible without the backing I got.

Nitanshi Sharma
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