Though it is one of India’s largest real estate companies, the client was badly in need of communications processes and systems. A plan that consolidated the communications need for the group as a whole was an imperative and the corporate communications department needed to be reset. An overall strategy that encompassed corporate reputation, marketing of projects, crisis and training of key spokesperson was an imperative.
The group particularly needed an issues and crisis communication mechanism because of the nature of its business – from consumer complaints to policy matters, it needed to respond comprehensively.

Strategy and execution

  • Step 1: Comprehensive perception audit among media, including digital platforms
  • Step 2: Reconstituted corporate communications team and reached out to all internal stakeholders through thorough briefings about our objectives. We also took on board the nature of their projects and their requirements
  • Step 3: Identified priorities and spokespersons, and prepared a communications calendar. This calendar is prepared afresh every quarter
  • Step 4: Put in place a crisis communications process spanning early identification of potential crises to response systems and critical stakeholders
  • Step 5: Significant steps taken on corporate reputation through editor-level interactions, television interviews at the company’s prime construction sites and speaking opportunities
  • Step 6: Execution partners identified in the UK, UAE and India for public relations, especially for the launch of group’s luxury vertical
  • Step 7: Put in place monitoring and listening mechanisms across all types of media


  • Complete transformation of the group’s corporate perception. Once considered a large developer, the firm is now seen as a leading corporation, fully professional with its social conscience in place. It is also seen as leading the sector’s push for excellence, transparency and professionalism
  • Comprehensive, streamlined marketing and public relations plans for corporate reputation as well as all projects and divisions
  • Successful launch of the luxury division, which was critical to the group
  • The crisis process helped the group successfully deal with crises that ranged in nature from corporate to project-related
  • Constituted a fully functional and effective corporate communications function that meets the requirements a of a multi-billion-dollar group
  • Aligned communications to business strategy, making the latter more effective